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What to Expect With Early Gender Reveal Testing

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What to Expect With Early Gender Reveal Testing

It’s understandable that many expecting parents are eager to know more about their little one, especially their gender. Though oftentimes, they’re left anxiously waiting for months before an ultrasound can finally detect it.

But what if expecting parents didn’t have to wait?

With early gender reveal testing like Peekaboo, you can learn the gender of your baby as early as seven weeks into your pregnancy—up to 13 weeks sooner than traditional methods such as ultrasounds!

Read on to learn what to expect with Peekaboo early gender reveal testing.


How it Works


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Peekaboo utilizes advanced DNA technology to effectively and accurately determine your baby’s gender.

In this early gender reveal testing, fetal cell-free DNA is extracted from a small blood sample by carefully trained lab technicians. The sample then undergoes sex chromosome analysis which identifies the presence or absence of the male Y chromosome in the fetal DNA—its presence meaning the baby is a boy and its absence meaning the baby is a girl. Finally, the sample and results are reviewed by two in-house specialists to ensure the results are accurate.

This methodology and advanced technology allows Peekaboo to determine your baby’s gender with 99.5% accuracy, making it the most accurate test available—which is why it’s the only early gender test endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association!


How the Test is Administered


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The Peekaboo Pro early gender reveal testing is a simple procedure that gives you results in one to two business days!

With Peekaboo Pro, a healthcare professional will collect a small sample of the mom-to-be’s blood through a finger prick and submit it to the lab to be analyzed.

While there is an at-home option, it requires you to draw your own blood, which can be an uncomfortable experience for someone not trained to do so. You also run the risk of your sample being contaminated by male DNA which can skew the results of the test.

By being administered by a healthcare professional, the Peekaboo Pro test reduces the risk of potential contamination and ensures the most accurate results possible —all while keeping the mom-to-be comfortable.


If you’re ready to stop waiting to learn the gender of your baby, contact your local medical professional to get your Peekaboo early gender reveal testing done today!


Ready to learn if it’s a boy or a girl? Contact us to learn about Peekaboo's early gender reveal testing today!


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