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The Lasting Impacts of Testosterone Therapy

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The Lasting Impacts of Testosterone Therapy

When trying to figure out which type of testosterone therapy is the right fit, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about your options, when you’ll start seeing results, and what kind of impact treatment has on your body.

In this blog, we’ve broken down the results you’ll likely start to see throughout your treatment as you take your next steps to getting stronger, building stamina, and feeling better.

Read on to discover how therapy can start improving your low-T symptoms within just the first three weeks of treatment.


Three Weeks

Testosterone therapy is a process that can take up to six months or longer—but because your body is being regularly exposed to safe levels of additional testosterone, you’re likely to notice small improvements in your physical and emotional state with each dosage.

Men can even experience significant improvement in low-T symptoms after just the first three weeks of treatment. During this time, you can expect to notice an improvement in your energy levels, mood, and sex drive.


Six to Eight Weeks

Once you’ve been utilizing testosterone therapy for about six to eight weeks, you may feel less anxious or depressed. Some men don’t even realize they’re struggling with these battles until they’ve received treatment and begin to realize the toll low T was taking on their overall well-being and health.

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Three Months

After three months, you’ll likely notice considerable changes in your physical appearance. You may experience restored energy, strength, and loss of body fat. In addition, some men find they have improved athletic performance and notice a decrease in blood pressure, inflammation, and cholesterol levels.


Six Months

By this point in therapy, you’ll find that the common side effects of low testosterone have significantly diminished. Improvement will continue over time with persistent treatment.


One Year

After completing a year of testosterone injection therapy, you’ll likely find that you have higher energy levels, increased strength and muscle mass, better mood and outlook, increased sex drive, deeper sleep, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increased exercise capacity, and even more.


If you’re ready to start seeing these lasting impacts—take the first step by scheduling a free low-T screening. This initial blood test can help you determine where your testosterone levels are and whether low T therapy is right for you.

Think you may have low testosterone? Check out our free download to determine if low T therapy is right for you!

Volonte helps men regain their health and well-being through low T testing, testosterone replacement therapy, and weight-loss programs.

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