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4 Common Myths about Low T Therapy

Dad playing basketball with his son.
Low Testosterone Quiz
October 26, 2022
Happy couple looking out the window.
Is low T therapy right for you?
December 1, 2022
Dad playing basketball with his son.
Low Testosterone Quiz
October 26, 2022
Happy couple looking out the window.
Is low T therapy right for you?
December 1, 2022

Have you ever started googling a certain topic but weren’t sure what to believe because there is so much information out there? Starting research on low T therapy is no different.

If you haven’t already, you may run into loads of information being thrown at you so fast that it’ll make your head spin—but don’t give up. We’re here to help you comb through all of it by highlighting what’s true and clarifying conflicting information.

Let’s debunk four common myths that you often hear about low T therapy.


Myth #1: Low testosterone therapy increases the risks of health problems.

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Life already comes with different phases of health as we age, so no one wants to take medicine that speeds up the process. You might’ve come across some information about low T therapy increasing health problems—but that’s actually not the case.

Recent research shows that using low T therapy can regulate testosterone levels and even lead to a lower risk of other health problems. In fact, a study showed that men whose low testosterone was restored to normal through various replacement therapies actually had a lower risk of heart attack, stroke, or death versus similar men who were not treated.

Finding a local medical professional to explain your replacement therapy options and monitor your progress along the way will ensure you receive a safe form of treatment that keeps you healthy and increases your well-being.


Myth #2: Low testosterone therapy is just a fad.

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Low T therapy being just another health fad that doesn’t really work is another common myth. Some misguided thoughts include “it’s just the biggest men’s health craze right now” or “my symptoms are just a part of the aging process and not much can be done.”

No one should have to put up with uncomfortable symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, and a decrease in sex drive if there is a proven solution. Doctors and clinicians have helped many men increase their energy, lose weight, and enhance their lives through affordable and convenient low testosterone treatments—proving that Low T therapy is a treatment option that actually works.


Myth #3: Low testosterone therapy is only for men who struggle with erectile dysfunction.

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You may take a general pain reliever to help a number of symptoms. The same applies to testosterone therapy treating a myriad of low T symptoms.

Low testosterone is an essential hormone that plays a key role in a man’s health, and a level imbalance can create numerous health issues. Besides erectile dysfunction, low T can cause fatigue, difficulty losing weight, decreased muscle mass, and other debilitating symptoms.

Just like a fingerprint, our bodies are all unique and choose to show signs and symptoms in different ways—and there’s no need to fight those symptoms on your own. Low T therapy can help get you back on track and help you see a difference in your health within the first 30 days of your treatments!


Myth #4: Low T therapy has no safe treatment options.

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Think about the last time you listened to a medicine commercial. Towards the end, they probably quickly rushed through all the horrible side effects that sounded worse than the original symptoms. Thankfully, you won’t have that problem with low T therapy.

In the beginning, treatment may cause headaches or excessive hair growth, but these symptoms are generally short-term. By choosing the right medical professional to diagnose your low testosterone and properly administer your therapy, you will be in safe hands and your progress will be continually monitored throughout your journey.

You can feel confident in knowing that doctors and clinicians have been carefully helping men increase their testosterone levels for years with safe treatment options that ensure health and well-being.


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Don’t let the misconceptions about low T therapy detour you from getting help with symptoms you’ve been struggling with for years. Regain your energy, strength, and stamina, and start feeling like yourself again with safe and effective testosterone replacement therapy. Now is the time for you to get back on track and experience the happier and healthier life you see for yourself.

Find a local treatment center with qualified medical professionals to find the right treatment options!


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